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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "St. Francois Mountains Batholith, Missouri"

2013-12-10 21.55.39.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic rhyolite with medium-grained potassium feldspar and plagioclase feldspar phenocrysts in a dark red-brown matrix. Weathers with an orangish tinge.

2013-12-10 21.54.05.jpg
Hand Sample: Fine-grained phaneritic granite. Mineralogy includes potassium feldspar, quartz and a black mineral. Weathers to light orange.

2013-12-10 21.53.30.jpg
Hand Sample: Holocrystalline, fine-to-medium-grained granite. Mineralogy includes potassium feldspar and quartz. One corner of rock has a mass of dark grey-brown groundmass with inclusions of plagioclase laths and anhedral grey-green crystals.…

2013-12-10 21.52.23.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic latite with medium-to-coarse-grained subhedral plagioclase phenocrysts in a brown-black groundmass. Thin black veins present with green margin of contact on either side.

2013-12-10 21.51.30.jpg
Hand Sample: Holocrystalline medium-grained phaneritic granite with crystals including potassium feldspar and smokey quartz.

2013-12-10 21.50.50.jpg
Hand Sample: Holocrystalline, fine-grained phaneritic granite with crystals of potassium feldspar and smoky quartz. Weathers to orange-brown and light-gray.

2013-12-10 21.50.05.jpg
Hand Sample: Phaneritic granite with coarse-grained phenocrysts of smokey quartz and generally smaller crystals including potassium feldspar. Weathers to orange on one side and some light-gray material on the other.

2013-12-10 21.48.10.jpg
Hand Sample: Holocrystalline, medium-grained phaneritic granite with smoky quartz, potassium feldspar, and biotite

2013-12-10 21.46.39.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic fine-grained light-pink and black phenocrysts in a reddish-purple-brown matrix. Hospitable to grey-brown lichen.

2013-12-10 21.45.19.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic medium-grained phenocrysts of potassium feldspar in a dark purple-red groundmass. Weathers to white and orange-brown.

2013-12-10 21.43.28.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic diabase with coarse to very coarse grained subhedral pink-green plagioclase laths approximately 3cm in length set in a gray-black matrix. Inclusions of matrix present within plagioclase laths. Weathers to orange-brown.

2013-12-11 11.22.08.jpg
Hand Sample: Aphanitic, grayish-white with some patches of fine-grained grey crystals. Weathers to medium yellow-brown.

2013-12-10 21.41.34.jpg
Hand Sample: Phaneritic rhyolite. 10% fine-grained phenocrysts of sanidine and quartz and 90% dark-brownish-red groundmass. Weathers to brown-orange.

2013-12-10 21.39.23.jpg
Hand Sample: Phaneritic rhyolite with fine-grained phenocrysts of quarts, feldspar and hornblende in a brownish-red groundmass. Weathers to orange-brown.

2013-12-10 21.38.32.jpg
Hand Sample: Aphanitic grey-black color. Weathers to yellow-tan and orange. Small vesicles present.

2013-12-11 11.23.11.jpg
Hand Sample: Aphanitic, pyroclastic grey-black tuff. Conchoidal fracture pattern from a strike-point on one edge. Weathers to yellow-brown.

2013-12-10 21.37.40.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic (or coarse-grained phaneritic) diorite with coarse-grained white plagioclase laths up to 1cm and some black mineral. Weathering to rust-orange color.

2013-12-10 21.35.56.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic orange-pink rhyolite. Dominantly potassium feldspar with some black crystals. Weathers to brown-black and yellow-brown.

2013-12-10 21.33.05.jpg
Hand Sample: Hypocrystalline, porphyritic rhyolite. 20% subhedral to anhedral biotite, quartz, and microcline (sanidine) phenocrysts. 80% grey-brown groundmass. Massive.

2013-12-10 21.31.22.jpg
Hand Sample: Porphyritic diabase with light crystals in a dark-grey-to-black groundmass. Plagioclase 45%, Pyroxene 45%, Hornblende 5%, Olivine and Biotite 5%
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