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Fine grained relatively soft calcareous sandstone. Thin Section Fine angular grains with fairly close packing characterize this thin section, with unusually sharp angles. Sample is still clay dominated.

Conglomerate, dominated by carbonate pebbles). Only a medium grained (1-10cm) facies collection of out of what was perhaps a 50ft exposure of coarse conglomerates. Light pink quartzite pebbles are interpreted to have been deposited during the…

Very fine grained sandstone and silty shale noted between shale and dark, fine grained sandstone (sample 4 &5).

Thin Section:
Very fine sized sub rounded grains of pyroxene, quartz, and feldspar in a calcic matrix.

Fresh water marl with plant remains. Specimens selected to include leaf and or stem remains. Hand sample specimen is small and crumbly. Fossil bearing biofloatstone composed of soft silt, mud and limestone matrix, with carbon imprint and original…
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