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includes andalusite-bearing phyllite

Coarse grained facies

DUCO-3 hand sample of graywacke
The graywacke facies in the Mt. Merino member (where sample 4 also comes from). Graywacke is a hard, dark-colored sandstone. This sandstone represents a similar rock to the protolith for the quartzite of sample 10.

The thin section shows quartz,…

Equal mix of angular and rounded sand-sized grains of quartz, with clay sized feldspars. Surface contains significant coverage of calcite that formed after lithification. Fresh surfaces do not effervesce with acid meaning that reaction is based on…

Sand sized quartz grains and smaller feldspars make up the matrix. Grey-brown sand weathers to a rusty golden color.

(Thin Section FOV: 1.28mm)

FR-7 XPL 100x.JPG
Angular sand size grains, dominated by quartz, have a brown color with a greenish tint. Calcite found on weathered bedding planes after lithification. Slight folding of the bedding planes in one direction. (FOV: 1.28)
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