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Sillimanite has been partly psuedomorphed

Moslty conglomerates, but partly staurolite rimmed with muscovite

Some remnants of andalusite

Staurolite rimmed with muscovite

Isoclinal folding and cross bedding, spelitic and sandy beds all present

includes some sillimanite and occurs in distinct bands

Contains large staurolite crystals

DUCO-9 hand sample of staurolite schist
Schist with coarse staurolite grains. This outcropping is approximately on the strike of the chloritoid schists (sample 7). Also contains garnet, muscovite, feldspar, and quartz. Presumed to be from the Everett Schist.

The thin section shows…

Mineralogy: quartz, feldspar, biotite, staurolite. Foliated. Foliation caused by biotite, staurolite is porphyroblastic. Biotite-staurolite-schist. Staurolite Zone.
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