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  • Collection: (FM) Flysch Stratigraphic Suite -- Molasse Basin, Switzerland

Collected from blocks moved during road construction. Have been moved perhaps 200 yards. More quartzite and igneous and crystaline metamorphic rocks than at Sternenberg sampling site. Thin Section Coarse to fine (7-.1 mm) poorly sorted grains of…

Sandstone with ripple marks and cross bedding and strong flute casts along surface indicating mid-high energy. Poorly sorted coarse sandstone with ripple marks, cross bedding and strong flute casts, as well as small pebbles that vary from angular to…

Shale, foliated, and bearing organic matter, from the interbeds between sandstone layers. Fine grained laminated sands between shales were uncollectible, but present. Friable and fragile.

Thin Section:
Very fine to fine grain, poorly sorted…

Very fine grained sandstone and silty shale noted between shale and dark, fine grained sandstone (sample 4 &5).

Thin Section:
Very fine sized sub rounded grains of pyroxene, quartz, and feldspar in a calcic matrix.

Poorly sorted, coarse grained conglomerate; bearing chert, quartzite and granitoid fragments in calcite cement, with an odd mica flake indicating very short transport. The facies that this rock is representative of is uncommon. Conglomerate beds at…

Coarse grained mainly quartz sandstone with minor lithic and mud incorporated. Cross bedding present. Note the larger grain size of the sample, as well as the grains composed of conglomerate material indicating reworking of older sediments. Present…

Gray, medium to coarse grained quartz-rich lithic sandstone with rip up clasts and mud rich areas present. Thin Section Fine, (.7-.1 mm) sub angular crystal fragments floating in mud matrix, with feldspar, quartz, and pyroxene present.

Organic rich to moderate black to light grey shale. Some parts of FM-4 are silty shale. Minor rust stains are present on lighter samples. Representative of upper portion of a turbidite sequence.

Thin Section
Very fine (

Fine grained relatively soft calcareous sandstone. Thin Section Fine angular grains with fairly close packing characterize this thin section, with unusually sharp angles. Sample is still clay dominated.

Conglomerate, dominated by carbonate pebbles). Only a medium grained (1-10cm) facies collection of out of what was perhaps a 50ft exposure of coarse conglomerates. Light pink quartzite pebbles are interpreted to have been deposited during the…

Fresh water marl with plant remains. Specimens selected to include leaf and or stem remains. Hand sample specimen is small and crumbly. Fossil bearing biofloatstone composed of soft silt, mud and limestone matrix, with carbon imprint and original…

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