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  • Collection: (NAO) Ophiolite Suite -- Northern Apennines, Italy
Carbonates (calcite and dolomite), chlorites, garnets, diopside, epidote, serpentine, amphiboles. Very variable compositions in same hand specimen. The rock derives from metamorphism of oficalcitic rocks developed at very high pressures and medium…
Sodic pyroxene, glaucophane, lawsonite, chlorite. Pseudomorphs of sodic pyroxene and glaucophane,chlorite on original augitic pyroxenes; pseudomorphs of lawsonite and glaucophane on original plagioclase.
Albite, Na-amphiboles (from Mg-riebeckite to glaucophane, epidote, aegirinic pyroxene, chlorite, ilmenite, tspesphene, apatite, lawsonite. Pseudomorphic relations of the metamorphic paragenesis on the substituted primary phases. Sometimes lawsonite…
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