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  • Collection: (NAO) Ophiolite Suite -- Northern Apennines, Italy
Antigorite, magnetite, carbonates (ankerite), diopside, clinohumite, tremolite, chlorite. Rarely, pseudomorphs on primary pyroxenes may be recognized, though there is superimposition of various deformational phases.
Antigorite, magnetite, ankeritic carbonate, diopside, tremolite. A very marked subsequent foliation nearly completely obliterates a previous initial foliation.
Hyaloclastite of basalt with superimposed metamorphism in pumpellyite-prehnite facies.
Peridotite, serpentinized, with plagioclase with harrisitic structure.
Serpentinized peridotite with plagioclase, olivine, plagioclase, clino-pyroxene, chromite. Secondary minerals include hydrogrossuaria as well as serpentine, chlorite, prehnite.
Doleritic basalt with metamorphic overimprinting in prehnite-pumpellyite facies.
Primary minerals: plagioclase, titanaugite, ilmenite, olivine.
Metamorphic paragenesis: albite, pumpellyite, prehnite, sphene, chlorite.
Na-clinopyroxene (chloromelanite), almandine garnet, rutile, glaucophanic amphibole, harrisitic hornblende, epidote, ablite, chlorIte. Chloromelanite pseudomorphs on primary pyroxenes and chloromelanitic aggregates in plagioclase; granoblastic…
Grossular-andradite garnet, diopside, chlorite, sodic pyroxene, vesuvianite, titansphene, opaques. Traces of primitive gabbroid structure with diablastic development of the newlyformed phases and pseudomorphs of sodic pyroxene on primary pyroxenes.…
Traces of oceanic metamorphism in greenschist-amphibolitic facies and weak overprint in prehnite-pumpellyite facies.
Metamorphic oceanic paragenesis: dark hornblende, actinolite, chlorite, oligoclase-albite in microfractures or reaction rims on…
Gabbro with hydrothermal "oceanic" processes and prehnite-pumpellyite metamorphic overprint.
Plagioclase, clinopyroxene, olivine, ilmenite. metamorphic paragenesis: albite, sericite, chlorite, hematite, sphene, carbonates. Well-preserved relics of…
Albite, Na-amphiboles (from Mg-riebeckite to glaucophane, epidote, aegirinic pyroxene, chlorite, ilmenite, tspesphene, apatite, lawsonite. Pseudomorphic relations of the metamorphic paragenesis on the substituted primary phases. Sometimes lawsonite…
Sodic pyroxene, glaucophane, lawsonite, chlorite. Pseudomorphs of sodic pyroxene and glaucophane,chlorite on original augitic pyroxenes; pseudomorphs of lawsonite and glaucophane on original plagioclase.

Western Minerals NAO OCR-1.pdf
OCR PDF of supplemental information for the Northern Apennines Ophiolites collection.
Dioritic gabbro with deformational oceanic metamorphism of amphibolitic to greenschist facies and overprinting of prehnite-pumpellite.
Primary phases: plagioclase, clinopyroxene, olivine, ilmenite. Oceanic metamorphic paragenesis: plagioclase,…
Tectonic-sedimentary breccia of serpentinite modified by hydrothermal events in oceanic environment.
Carbonates (calcite and dolomite), chlorites, garnets, diopside, epidote, serpentine, amphiboles. Very variable compositions in same hand specimen. The rock derives from metamorphism of oficalcitic rocks developed at very high pressures and medium…
Partially serpentinized Olivine Gabbro.
Spilitized pillow basalt with overprinted prehnite-pumpellyite facies metamorphism. Arborescent ophitic to spherulitic texture; ablitized and saussuritized plagioclase, chloritized glass matrix, with occasional epidote.
Basalt dike in gabbro with prehnite-pumpellyite overprint.
Relics of augitic clinopyroxene, albite, actinolite, chlorite, clinozoisite, and sphene. Relics of the clinopyroxene of the original dolerite are in part substituted by chlorite and actinolite in a granoblastic and metablastic matrix of albite,…
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