Quartz Diorite with Laumontite Vein

Alternative Title

Pyroxene Quartzite




Rock Sample:
The sample color has a cream colored matrix with dark green phenocrysts. The sample contains Laumontite, which is a mineral in the zeolite group. There is a white talc-like substance on upper part of sample. Phenocrysts are medium to coarse grained ranging from 1~8mm in length. There are multiple fractures that span the length of the sample. Some of the fractures are filled in with a white talc-like powder. The sample has an overall rough texture.

Thin Section:
Small fractures are evident within the thin section. There are some blue minerals that have a birefringence of 0.004, that are biaxial (-). It somewhat swirls.
-Quartz (50-55%)
-Amphibole (25%)
-Augite (25%)
-Magnification at 4x/0.10

Scanning Electron Microscope:
The white talc like filling found in the fractures of the sample is made up of calcium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen--this substance could be the Laumontite.



Spatial Coverage

Temporal Coverage

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Purchased from Western Minerals Inc.


Number of Thin Sections