(NWME) Northwest Maine Metamorphic Suite -- Maine


(NWME) Northwest Maine Metamorphic Suite -- Maine

Collection Items

Some chlorite

Grade bedded layers of pelitic bands and thin sandstones

Garnets and chlorite in pelitic bands

Moslty conglomerates, but partly staurolite rimmed with muscovite

Some remnants of andalusite

Staurolite rimmed with muscovite

Show muscovite psuedomorphs and large staurolite crystals

higher than average amount of graphite present

Isoclinal folding and cross bedding, spelitic and sandy beds all present

with sillimanite retrograde, bedding has been destroyed and turned into "soup"

higher metamorphic grade than specimen one, lower than speciment 3

Includes sillimanite and K-spar
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