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  • Collection: (LT) Littleton Formation Metamorphic Suite -- New Hampshire

Mica schist containing coarse (altered) andalusite crystals

Mica-based schist containing significant quartz

Muscovite-sillimanite schist where much of the sillimanite has been somewhat altered to muscovite. This sample may also contain muscovite pseudomorphs after staurolite.

This foliated sample is dominated by micas and quartz. It is a sample from the Hubbard Hill member.

Dark, banded

Synkinematic deformed gneiss w/ augen-like feldspar ribbons

Example of the Dakin Hill Member. Porphyroblastic gneiss.

Gneiss with a migmatitic fabric. Also contains quartz-feldspar pods.

Muscovite-biotite schist

Micaceous schist containing staurolite. Note that the staurolite is only found in the pelitic layers and is absent in the quartz-rich layers

Described as a "banded injection gneiss".

Mica-based schist containing porphyroblasts of andalusite (chiastolite) which have been partly retrograded to muscovite

Muscovite-biotite schist containing large sillimanite crystals-mostly retrograded to muscovite

Mica-based schist with porphyroblasts of staurolite.

Micaceous schist containing porphyroblasts of garnet and staurolite.

Phyllite containing porphyroblasts of garnet

Sample contains porphyroblasts of poikilitic hornblende. Thought to represent Na-rich volcanic units.

Dark-colored slate that is slightly phyllitic.
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