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Sample from the beta member of the Toroweap formation. Sample is light tan-orangish with weathered surfaces.

Both thin section images were taken at a 400x magnification.
A light tan limestone with weathered surfaces

Both thin section images were taken at a 400x magnification.

Western Minerals PH OCR.pdf
OCR PDF of supplemental information for the Powderhorn Carbonatite collection.

Western Minerals NAO OCR-1.pdf
OCR PDF of supplemental information for the Northern Apennines Ophiolites collection.

Coarse pyroxenite, with traces of nepheline. This is the freshest pyroxenite that was found. It occurs near the nepheline syenite body in the eastern part of the complex.

Fenitized Gneiss. Gneiss discovered in direct contact with pyroxenite in prospect trench on ridge, about 500 ft. west of PH-1.. .

Nepheline syenite that outcrops on west side of trail at about 9200 ft. on east side line of section.

Nepheline Syenite. Thin, dark vein runs through the center body of the rock.

PH-5 Hand Sample.
White Carbonatite. Found on Southwest side of the main rock unit body on North side of Beaver Creek about 1/4 mi.

PH-6 Hand Sample.
Recently exhumed ijolite from shallow bulldozer cut.

Hand Sample: Shows traces of iron oxidation in isolated areas. Small (> 0.5 mm in diameter) nodules, with the appearance of small sand grains appear in clusters on one face of the rock (not…

PH-7 Hand Sample.
Hand Sample:

Composed entirely of Ilmenite.

PH-8 Hand Sample.
Hand Sample:

Rock is comprised predominately of a dark fine grained matrix. Some specimens have minor amounts of pink K-feldspar. Clusters of biotite (~1 cm in diameter) appear on one face of the rock.

PH-9 Hand Sample.
Coarse gabbro, extracted from the southern dike of two east-west dikes N of Deldardo Creek.

Hand Sample:

Evenly distributed dark, light, and white colored coarse-grained (1 mm) crystals. Obvious traces of oxidation from some metallic mineral…

PH-10 Hand Sample.
Fenitized porphyroblastic Gneiss.

Hand Sample:

Entirely coarse-grained rock except for 2 cm wide dark fine grained band. Obvious traces of oxidation appear on all sides, dominating the most weathered sides of the rock.

PH-11 Hand Sample.
Light brown to almost off-white fine grained Carbonatite. Delicated Barite appears in very thin layers on one side of the rock.

PH-12 Hand Sample.
Chert sample found in a Carbonatite.

Hand Sample:

Pink to light brown chert sample that contains small (< 1 mm diameter) vesicles. Very thin quartz veins propagate through the sample in no preferred orientation.

PH-13 Hand Sample.
Hand Sample:

Coarse grained pyroxenite showing heavy traces of oxidation on every weathered face of the rock. Large clusters (5-8 mm) of biotite appear throughout the rock.

PH-14 Hand Sample.
Hand Sample:

Large (1 cm-2 cm) dark grey to translucent quartz crystals comprise the matrix of the rock. Melilite minerals propagate consistently paralell to one another throughout the rock.

PH-15 Hand Sample - Front View.
Hand Sample:

Three hand samples from different facies were collected to represent this sample. Out of two of the largest samples one is a dark fine grained rock while the other is coarse grained. Both contain large (5-8 mm) clusters of biotite.

PH-16 Hand Sample - Horizontal.
Hand Sample:

The rock is largely comprised of a very fine grained light green matrix with large (1 x 3 cm) black equant galena crystals. It's pretty magnificent.
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