(NS) Meta-Pelite Suite -- Shelburne, Nova Scotia


(NS) Meta-Pelite Suite -- Shelburne, Nova Scotia


Samples from the Shelburne area representative of the full range of metamorphic grades. This suite includes a high grade pelitic xenolith as well as samples of the Shelburne granite and aluminum-rich pegmatites. Furthermore a lampophric dyke that intruded from the basement rock to the Meguma Terrace is featured.


Samples are Cambrian to lower Ordovician greywackes and shales that were regionally metamorphosed and intruded by granites during the Devonian.
Samples taken in 1988.


Western Minerals, Inc.

Spatial Coverage

These samples were taken from the Shelburne area of Nova Scotia. This is the southeastern shore of Nova Scotia.

Accrual Method

Purchased from Western Minerals, Inc.


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Currie, K.L., Whalen, J.B., Davis, W.J., Longstaffe, F.J., and Cousens, B.L., 1998, Geochemical evolution of peraluminous plutons in southern Nova Scotia, Canada-a pegmatite-poor suite:Lithos, v. 44, p.117-140, doi:10.1016/S0024-4937(98)0051-6 • This paper gives information on the geology of southern Nova Scotia and provides a strong example for the rock suite present.

Additional Resources

Cambell, D., Shimeld, J., Deptuck, M.E., Mosher, J.C., Seismic Stratigraphic framework and depositional history of a large Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic depocenter off southwest Nova Scotia, Canada: Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 65, p. 22-42, doi: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2015.03.016 

• This paper is useful as it outlines the stratrigraphy and depositional history of the region. This is key in understanding much of the regions history and allows geologists to better understand what exactly is metamorphosed and why.

Greenough, J.D., Jone, M.L., and Mossman, D.J., 1989, The Sr isotopic composition of early Jurassic mafic rocks of Atlantic Canada: Implications for assimilation and injection mechanism affecting mafic dykes: Chemical Geology, v. 80, p. 17-26, doi: 10.1016/0168-9622(89)90044-4

• This paper is useful for describing the dykes in Atlantic Canada as well as injections that formed much of the suite.

Merle, R., Marzoli, A., Reisberg, L., Bertrand, H., Nemchin, A., Chiaradia, M., Callegaro, S., Jourdan, F., Bellieni, G., Kontak, D., Puffer, J., Mchone, J., 2014, Sr, Nd, Pb, and Os isotope systematics of CAMP tholeiites from Eastern North America (ENA): Evidence of a subduction-enriched mantle source: Journal of Petrology, v. 55, p. 133-180, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egt063

• This paper outline the subduction in the region as well as outling the petrologic controls on the region, specifically with an eye on Seldon, Nova Soctia. this is particularly imporant when considering the pegmatites in the suite and other igneous bodies.

Muecke, G. K., Pride, C., and Sarkar, P., 1979, Rare-earth element geochemistry of regional metamorphic rocks: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, v. 11, p. 449-464, doi:10.1016/0079-1946(79)90043-0

• This paper is useful for as it describes the geochemistry of the suite on a large scale and provides reference for what should be seen in the suite.

Collection Items

Meta-Pelite Suite, Shelburne, Nova Scotia Western Minerals Supplementary Information
OCR PDF of supplemental information for the Meta-Pelite Suite, Shelburne, Nova Scotia collection. This file outlines the descriptions of every sample in suite as well as providing geologic context to the area and the suite itself.

Siltstone with Pyrite Prophyroblasts
Macroscopic: Low-grade metamorphic (zeolite facies) black siltstone with idiomorphic pyrite porphyroblasts. Microscopic: Very fine grained quartz and muscovite with large pyrite phenocrysts. Thin section picture in XPL unless noted in the picture…

Macroscopic: Slate (low grade shale metamorphism) samples with visible thin black beds. Samples were found interbedded with siltstones represented by sample NS-1. High angle between bedding and cleavage. Microscopic: Very fine grained quartz,…

Argillite with spessartine garnet
Macroscopic: Argillite bearing spessartine garnet formed through reaction with the surrounding rock during metamorphism. Microscopic: Abundant medium-sized garnet phenocrysts within a very fine grained matrix. Thin section pictures in XPL unless…

Biotite-Muscovite Schist
Macroscopic: Biotite, muscovite schist. Parts of the outcrop are migmatic as a result of intrusion by various phases of the Port Mouton Pluton. Microscopic: Coarse grained biotite, muscovite and quartz. Thin section pictures in XPL unless otherwise…

Porphyroblastic staurolite-andalusite-garnet-biotite-plagioclase-cordierite schist
Macroscopic: Porphyroblastic staurolite, andalusite, cordierite, garnet, biotite, chlorite, muscovite schist. Cross bedding or graded bedding may be apparent in some samples. Mineral zone: staurolite-andalusite. Microscopic: Large garnet phenocrysts…

Porphyroblastic andalusite-cordierite-staurolite-biotite-garnet schist
Macroscopic: Mega-porphyroblastic andalusite, cordierite, staurolite, biotite, garnet schist. Relict bedding, cross bedding or graded bedding may be apparent in some samples. Mineral zone: staurolite-andalusite. Microscopic: Large garnet phenocrysts…

Garnet-bearing quartzite
Macroscopic: Grey garnet, biotite and chlorite bearing quartzite. Likely protolith is a low-Al quartz-rich sandstone bed. Microscopic: Abundant quartz crystals accompanied by chlorite and biotite. Thin section pictures in XPL unless otherwise noted…

Garnet-biotite sericite schist
Macroscopic: Biotite, muscovite schist. The biotite has begun retrograding to chlorite. There is a mineral zone consisting of garnets present in the handsample. Microscopic: Abundant foliated biotite/sericite and quartz. Large amphibole phenocrysts…

Amphibole (actinolite) in epidote, chlorite, garnet calcsilicate rock
Macroscopic: Porphyroblastic amphibole in epidote, chlorite, and garnet calcsilicate rock. This sample represent the metamorphism of calcarious concretions in beds of quartzite to a schist. The formation this samples comes from has considerable…

Staurolite-garnet-biotite schist
Macroscopic: Staurolite, garnet, biotite porphyroblastic, chlorite bearing, muscovite schist. Both garnets and staurolite are idiomorphic with the former highly poikiloblastic. The foliation in the schist bends around the porphyroblastic phases…

Micaceous Schist
Macroscopic: Biotite, muscovite schist. This sample was a part of a roof pendant, or a piece of rock the surrounded a batholith. Likely part of the silimanite zone. Microscopic: This sample under thin section displays an almost entirely mica and…

Double Micaceous pinstriped gneiss
Macroscopic: Mesocratic fibrolitic double micaceous pinstripped gneiss. High reflectivity denotes a high concentration of foliated micas. Migmatized texture indicates of the rock indicates incipient melting. Microscopic: This sample contains…

Leucocratic biotite-silimanite gneiss
Macroscopic: Leucocratic biotite, muscovite, sillimanite gneiss. A banded gneiss characterized by leucocratic minerals. Microscopic: thin section shows an abundance of muscovite and quartz. Thin section pictures in XPL unless otherwise noted in the…

Andalusite-biotite-garnet schist
Macroscopic: Andalusite, biotite, garnet, muscovite, chlorite schist. Heavily weathered exterior due to divets and altered nature. High abundance of foliated mica. Microscopic: The andalusite, biotite, and garnet are porphyroblastic with andalusite…

Chiastolite slate
Macroscopic: In this Chiastolite slate, the andalusite has retrograded to sericite. Microscopic: Strongly foliated sericite. Thin section pictures in XPL unless otherwise noted in the title of the picuture. Thin sections are 3mm across.

Andalusite-biotite schist
Macroscopic: An andalusite, biotite schist with large and abundant garnet porphyroblasts. Low grade of metamorphism. Microscopic: Large andalusite and cordierite phenocrysts within very fine grained matrix. Thin section pictures in XPL unless…

Biotite granite
Macroscopic: Grey massive biotite, muscovite granite. Overall white and grey color. Only slightly weathered.  Microscopic: Abundant in alkali feldspar, plagoclase, quartz and mica. Thin section pictures in XPL unless otherwise noted in the title of…

Garnet-muscovite bearing granitic pegmatite
Macroscopic: Garnet-muscovite bearing granitic pegmatite. Visible, green beryl may be present as beryl is often associated with pegmatites. The mineralogy is typical of sedimentary protolith granites which supports the hypothesis that the basement of…

Kyanite-sillimanite-biotite-spinel-garnet schist
Macroscopic:This schist is lamprophyric, meaning it has a low silica content, thus little to no quartz. The sample comes from a large xenolith in the Popes Harbour dike. Microscopic: Reaction textures are present in thin section. Thin section…
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